Protection Enclosure (MANTLAS)

ATEX certified
Ex nA

Developed by our former heritage companies and known as the MANTLAS terminal arrangement (mains and neutral terminals, lightning and surge protection), this terminal box was specifically designed to offer and house multiple protection options. A heritage product primarily available as a spares solution, although still available and suitable for modern day machines.

Technical Description

This box is fabricated from steel plate and can contain differential current transformers with over voltage protection, lightning arrestors, surge capacitors  pressure relief, neutral point and other associated equipment in any combination. Supply cables can be terminated directly on to the busbars or in an Ex enclosure. The Inline Euromold Terminal Box is often used in conjunction with the protection enclosure but it can also be used with any other terminal box subject to current and certification limitations. The box can be a free standing unit fitted with gland plates or attached to the equipment, either floor mounted or supported by the equipment. The enclosure is supplied with a duct with glands to connect to the equipment facing.

Note: Certification or Specification will dictate or limit some features.

Spares Support

A full range of spares to support this terminal box assembly are available. 

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