The LIFEVIEW® MOBILE system offers a flexible and mobile approach to analysing the machines insulation system periodically online and during investigative periods of maintenance or during planned outages, ultimately ensuring greater availability of plant. Either fully supplied to you with the benefit of detailed training, or available to you as a service with our experienced engineers providing the analysis you need.


A portable solution for monitoring

The flexibility of the LIFEVIEW MOBILE system demonstrates huge benefits through the capacity to monitor multiple machines. With three Partial Discharge (PD) inputs, two Shaft Voltage inputs, an Air Gap Flux input and automatic report generation, the LIFEVIEW MOBILE can be supplied with full training or with the option to utilise our experienced engineers.

  • Online monitoring
  • Capable of monitoring; PD, Shaft Voltage and Air Gap Flux
  • Various display options for crosstalk and phase to phase PD recognition
  • Compatible with all LIFEVIEW PD sensors as well as PD couplers from other manufacturers

Parameters Available for Measurement

Partial Discharge


Air Gap Flux


Shaft Voltage


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