Lack of maintenance, operational knowledge or monitoring systems can cause catastrophic failures in large machines and with this in mind, our experts have designed a state of the art system which provides protection, operational information and ongoing monitoring, allowing detection of early signs of deterioration.


Monitors and protects rotor winding

  • Designed for monitoring and protecting the rotor winding of synchronous machines
  • Forms the basis for an ideal protection scheme for synchronous machine rotors
  • Enables the true measurement of fault resistance from 0 to 100kΩ
  • Not influenced by the DC field component of excitation or by high capacitance systems
  • Provides an early warning of deterioration of the rotor insulation, a continuous readout of the rotor earth leakage resistance and winding temperature
  • Being separately powered, the system is active at all times
  • Stores the last 34 hours of recorded data


  • Bu Hasa Extraction Plant

    Replacement Zone 2 to Zone 1, Abu Dhabi

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  • Esso Petroleum Company Ltd

    Generator Overhaul, Southampton

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  • Abu Dhabi Gas Industries Ltd

    Partial Discharge Monitoring Contract, Abu Dhabi

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  • Kilroot Power Station

    2 pole generator - Major Inspections

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  • Rzeszow CHP Power Station

    Generator Major Overhaul, Poland

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  • Tongonan Geothermal Power Plant

    Stator re-conditioning and rotor rewind of Generator, Philippines

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