Portable Testing

As a leading maintenance and service provider, the Quartzelec Group have been involved with mobilising engineers for a plethora of projects across the globe; from power stations in Europe, to offshore rigs in Asia, water de-salination plants in the Middle East through to research vessels in the Falklands so we understand the constraints attached to on-site support and testing. As a direct result of this expertise, solutions have been developed to assist; site engineers with suitable testing options and owner/operators with their maintenance needs.

HV Diode Tester


30A Drop Tester


Working Together With:

  • Bu Hasa Extraction Plant

    Replacement Zone 2 to Zone 1, Abu Dhabi

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  • Airbus

    LV Installation at Filton & Broughton Sites

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  • Esso Petroleum Company Ltd

    Generator Overhaul, Southampton

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  • Abu Dhabi Gas Industries Ltd

    Partial Discharge Monitoring Contract, Abu Dhabi

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  • Kilroot Power Station

    2 pole generator - Major Inspections

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  • Rzeszow CHP Power Station

    Generator Major Overhaul, Poland

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  • Tongonan Geothermal Power Plant

    Stator re-conditioning and rotor rewind of Generator, Philippines

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