Quartzteq manufacture a range of products developed specifically to enhance the functionality of high voltage motors; from new or as retrofit solutions


Motors – induction or synchronous, from low voltage, to high voltage, in safe areas or hazardous environments, these machines are true work horses of today’s modern industrial age.

Quartzteq manufacture a range of products that have been developed to enhance the functionality of these machines, whether they are fitted from new or as retrofit.

With starting an issue for synchronous motors, starting hubs have been developed to alieve the stresses and protection devices designed to provide an early warning of deterioration. Hazardous environments require certified equipment and our terminal boxes and purge systems have each been developed and stringently tested to meet the relevant global standards of Zone 1 and 2 areas.

Installation of condition monitoring should be at the heart of your maintenance strategy to ensure optimal operation and Quartzteq’s LIFEVIEW system has been developed by machine experts, offering on-line and off-line monitoring with full support available.


Protection Solutions:


Condition Monitoring Solution:

Choice of LIFEVIEW Analysers:

  • LIFEVIEW PDA - the 'light' analyser option, offering PD trending
  • LIFEVIEW MOBILE - a flexible approach to monitoring, with one analyser for multiple machines
  • LIFEVIEW LIVE - the solution for your most critical asset with multiple parameter monitoring capability

Multiple parameter measurement through:


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