As part of a planned maintenance program, the LIFEVIEW® QTD enables you to monitor both the Partial Discharge (PD) and Dissipation Factor (Tan Delta) of your winding insulation. With a built in PD coupler, designed to take PD measurements; rated up to 20kV phase to ground and with three switchable measuring ranges, the LIFEVIEW QTD is an essential tool to monitor the ageing of your rotating electrical asset.


Monitoring PD and Tan Delta

The LIFEVIEW QTD can be either fully supplied to you with the benefit of detailed training, or available to you as a service with our experienced engineers providing the analysis you need.

  • Integrated approach to PD and Tan Delta measurements
  • Testing up to 20kV
  • Measures Tan Delta
  • A high voltage power source is required

Parameters Available for Measurement

Partial Discharge


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