Shaft Voltage

With multiple sources of shaft voltage that can affect your rotating electrical asset, monitoring this parameter can give an early indication of increasing levels of shaft voltage as well as detecting inadequate earthing.

Shaft voltage will occur in rotating electrical machines due to capacitive coupling of voltages within the machine windings or static excitation systems and can also be induced by asymmetry in the magnetic circuit of the motor or generator. The build-up of shaft voltage is also likely to cause bearing damage which could ultimately result in catastrophic failure. The associated currents due to the phenomonen of shaft voltage will also cause deterioration, but which can be prevented with the fitting of the Shaft Voltage module. 


An additional monitoring parameter

  • Suitable for AC/DC motors and generators (including hydro and turbo generators)
  • Continuously monitors up to 2 inputs (two voltages) for the NDE and DE of machine
  • Compatible with either the LIFEVIEW LIVE or LIFEVIEW MOBILE analyser
  • User-friendly software for data display and analysis
  • Up to 10 years of storage for archiving voltage data and trending at user selectable intervals (available when utilising the LIFEVIEW LIVE option)

A Choice of Analysers






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